Thursday, May 4, 2017


My artist was Jack Whitten, who was a abstract artist. He had many different art styles, from painting with or without color, slabs, mosaics and more. The two pieces I wrote about was Martin Luther King Jr Garden and 9.11.01. One was a painting of colorful swirls from a brush while the other was a mosaic of five different pieces and had real unique texture. I wanted to combine these two different styles but I also wanted to change it. Still keeping Jack Whitten abstract views, I added realism as that is the style I preferred. Like the 9.11.01 piece I made it into different pieces but only two. The top being abstract and bottom being realism. Jack Whitten does his works usually on social issues around him like racial and terrorism. I wanted to do a topic he hasn’t really made a significant piece on; love. I started it with it being the gender doesn’t matter to it doesn’t matter of gender, race, age and etc. The painting hides the identity of the two lovers, without seeing the lovers there is no judgement. Nothing but love.

I really enjoyed this class, it was a nice break from my science and math. I was worried because it may have been too hard, but I liked how we didn’t need to be perfect. As long as it hit the concepts we needed it was fine. I really liked discussions of our pieces because it was interesting to see how others saw your piece.

Art Event: Luminous Connection

Going to the light show, one piece that was very interesting was the luminous connections. You had to look inside a small window of this hollow pole, and inside was vast amounts of silver and light. Having the aluminum strips lay out and string lights, helped reflect the lights more giving it a sheer glow. This piece was to show light emerging from the dark winter. This was a connecting concept since we were getting out of the winter season. It gives the reader a feeling of wow when you first lay your eyes on it since it is hidden inside a small window.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Shape of Time

This reading is very hard to understand, some topics Kubler mentions is hard to grasp. One thing that interested me in this piece is where he talks about talent. He states that “the great difference between artists are not so much those of talent as of entrance and position in sequence” (6).  This statement is very true, the person who did it first will be the one who gets the most credit. He also talks about “undiscovered talents” (6) which I agree his point on. Someone could have done it first but because it was not shared with others or published, that person will not get credited for it.

The statement “Purpose has no place in biology, but history has no meaning without it.”(7) confused me. For me I think it is the other way around, I think Biology has purpose and history does not. Sure some histories about war may have a purpose of helping us avoid conflicts and mistakes but in reality even with the knowledge of history we still make the same mistakes. But Biology definitely has a purpose. It is the reasoning for everything we are and everything around us.