Tuesday, January 24, 2017


In Visibility, Calvino explains how visibility can be either words that cause a process of imagination to happen. This leads to an image to be created with certain words. Or it can be an author’s image causes words to be formed such as a book becoming a movie. I agree with the statement how words can cause an image, but I never thought of having an image and trying to explain it in words. The article was very hard to read and understand due to a lot of it not being in English but Calvino’s was able to still convey his message by sharing situations where many could relate too. Also not being very spiritual, I had hard times connecting to certain religious aspects. I love how Calvino talks about daily things we process everyday but we don’t really think about the process. Him writing this article is also an example of visibility. His article was able to describe and cause images to appear while reading his work. I really enjoyed his perspective. Overall a very interesting concept.

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