Thursday, February 9, 2017

John Berger Insights

1.) “It’s uniqueness is part of the uniqueness of the single place where it is”
I agree that the environment of a piece of painting is highly important. If it is placed on a white wall or cluttered wall, it will give the piece a different message. An example shown was paintings of angels have significance when they are in a church. It shows and brings more importance on its holy aspect. But if a small angels are placed next to a picture of kittens. I would this the artist was aiming for more of a cute vibe then Holy.

2.) “Music and Rhythm changed the significance of a picture”

I never really noticed how impactful music can be on pictures. It can change the meaning of a picture immediately. Van Gogh’s last painting did not seem sad to me until the music started playing and it seemed more of a lonely picture. This also made me think of scary movies. Music has a big impact on scary movies. I remember a teacher said to mute a scary movie and all the jump scares are not as scary. The buildup of the music is what makes you believe the image is scary. It could have been just a stuffed animal falling but because of the music a person is riled up.


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